Where to Go on Safari Now

Africa is Opening



The prestigious journal Science reports that antibody studies are indicating Africa has weathered the Coronavirus pandemic relatively well. No one knows why but experts theorize that Africans may have developed immunities from more exposure to benign coronaviruses that cause common colds. Another theory is that regular exposure to malaria and other pathogens may have primed immune systems to better fight new diseases. One factor we  know: many African countries were quick to counter the onslaught of the pandemic with closed borders, social distancing, increased sanitization, and public mask wearing. Due to their efforts, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa were awarded the Safe Travel Stamp from the World Travel Tourism Council. This certification, approved by the United Nations, is only awarded to countries that have adopted international grade health and hygiene protocols for the safety of travelers.

Among the many safari countries, Namibia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania are open to safari travelers. Uganda and Zimbabwe are expected to open next month. Most of these countries either require a negative Covid test prior to boarding the plane and/or they require an extensive screening upon arrival. Travelers are gradually returning to the safari destinations, which is good news as all of the destinations have suffered from the dry-up of tourism revenues and a consequent increase in wildlife poaching.

The decision of whether  to travel now should be made thoughtfully and should be based on each individuals’ circumstances such as health conditions, risk tolerance and the ability to follow the  new requirements of mask wearing, social distancing, sanitizing, and health screening. For those of you who travel now, you have a rare opportunity for pristine experiences in places like the Serengeti, the Maasai Mara, and the gorilla lands and have it almost all to yourselves.