Photo by David Crookes

Unforgettable Safaris

We mastermind the details so you can lose yourself in the sound of wildebeest surging across the Serengeti. Or find your way through the dense forest of Uganda, observing gorillas in the wild. We make sure every connection is seamless, every day alive with discovery. So you can scout for rhino in the Namib Desert, watch a pride of lions hunt in Kenya, or wander white sand beaches on the Swahili coast. Scale Kilimanjaro. Walk the bush with Maasai. Or watch elephants bathing while you toast another stunning African sunset. Come with us, for an enriching experience guided by African wildlife experts.

Photo by Kevin Zimmerman
Our Travelers Say

Look no further. We did a tremendous amount of research before picking a safari outfitter and couldn’t have made a better choice. Deeper Africa is unbelievable.

Beth Bacha, Deeper Africa traveler

Every night since I’ve been home, I’ve dreamed of Africa...it has remained vividly in my subconscious and impacted me in ways I’ve never been touched before.

Brenda Tam, Deeper Africa traveler

My guide was able to anticipate the movements of the animals and approach them in a non-threatening way, allowing us to get closer than other vehicles.

Heather Anne Cunningham, Deeper Africa traveler

I’ll never forget the camp on the hillside in the Serengeti. The sun rose just outside our tent as the zebras were braying. I was stunned by the enormity of the space.

Lynne Bratcher, Deeper Africa traveler

The best part of the trip, for me, was visiting the village and the school. The kids and their parents were so friendly and the kids really cared about learning.

Audie Shushan, 14, Deeper Africa traveler

It’s About the People

Our personal engagement with Africa over the years has opened up wonderful connections and time-tested relationships with organizations and individuals we find remarkable. The time you spend with them will deepen your appreciation of the story that is Africa. Not only will you see the country through African eyes, you will return home with surprising insights about Earth’s fastest-growing continent. In this way, our safaris are not for tourists. They are made for people driven by a kind of burning curiosity to see and understand the world. Our travelers enjoy getting out of their bubble to discover Africa’s beauty and spend time with people possessed of knowledge and insights different from their own.

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