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Deeper Africa Because

Introducing people to Africa is a privilege. We’re passionate about the treasures and lessons of East, Central and Southern Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, Republic of Congo, Namibia, Virunga in the DRC, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia. Our connections have deepened over the years. So we can offer visits to places hard to find on your own. We get you closer to the wildlife, with people who have studied this land for decades. We offer a personalized adventure in the company of guides, researchers, outfitters, lodge and camp staff and community groups renowned for their knowledge, celebrated for their commitment to Africa’s future, and warmly appreciated for their close attention to every traveler’s interests and needs.

It’s About the Guides

In Tanzania, you may find yourself so close to an elephant you can hear her breathe. And on sun-dazzled plains you’ll learn how to spot wildlife that’s miles away. The guides we work with are gifted trackers who are up before dawn scouting locations to show you the best the bush has to offer every day. Our expectations are high and these expert guides have earned our respect and admiration many times over. They’re partners in our success. You’ll quickly notice they’re equally comfortable with young children and accomplished adults because both ask good questions that open up important conversations about wildlife and the vibrant tapestry of life in Africa today.

Meet Our People

Why Deeper Africa?

Karen Zulauf seeks to share Africa with people who want to go beyond the obvious and take away more than snapshots. The result is safaris that deliver a profound experience of wildlife and a deeper understanding of conservation in context as part of the story of Africa today. It’s a story that unfolds day by day, as you meet working people who are shaping the future of the continent.

With an office in Boulder, Colorado, and teams in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and South Africa, you’re in good hands before you depart and throughout your travels.  Karen spends part of every year in Africa and is personally involved in advising and counseling every Deeper Africa traveler.

Of all my travels, it is Africa that touched my soul. The first time I landed on African soil, I felt renewed, as if I’d returned to a long-lost home. I was changed forever. I love introducing Africa to others. Africa is my dear old friend.

Karen Zulauf, Co-Founder

The safari lands are a great place to explore. There are still places that few people know about that remain unspoiled and virtually unexplored.

Wil Smith, Co-Founder
360-Degree Traveler Support

Collaborative Planning

First we talk: Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What’s your budget? We can point out a host of exciting possibilities and help you define your priorities. If you’re planning a private safari, we design a customized itinerary, checking closely with our guides and field people in Africa so we can shape your itinerary to highlight the activities and wildlife viewing that most interest you. If you’re interested in joining one of our small-group tours, we’ll help you choose the one that best fits your goals, your budget and your calendar. Either way, this collaborative planning process is just the beginning of our 360-degree traveler support.

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Getting Ready

Once you’re booked, you start wondering how to prepare. Don’t worry. We have a plan for that, covering Visas and vaccinations, what to pack and more. Before you take off, we make sure every “i” is dotted, from allergies and dietary restrictions to arrangements to celebrate a special occasion. Because we know that waiting can be hard, we send you materials sure to hone your knowledge and whet your appetite for adventure.

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Travel Advice

After you book your safari, we send you a package full of good things. There’s a guide book personalized for your trip with details on passports, Visas and vaccinations, and checklists for planning and packing. It’s a reference tool we’ve perfected over the years, strategically organized to put everything you need to know at your fingertips. We also send a handsome field guide, maps of each country you will visit, safari gear in just the right colors, a journal with maps of all African game parks, and a few surprise gifts to make the upcoming trip feel more real while you wait.

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Family Safaris

Travel is the best education. Geography and social studies come alive as a new friend from a new culture. And history carries the weight of human experience. On safari, learning is a process of joyous discovery. Your guide is a teacher, translator, tracker and friend. It’s a powerful bond. Accommodations are kid-friendly with healthy food options for picky eaters. Every vehicle is a rolling library with reference tools to help kids and teens learn on the go. And, as soon as you book your safari, we send a kids’ package full of engaging materials and gear to help excited young people get up to speed while they wait for the adventure to begin.

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Financial Transactions

Trust is important. We run all of your financial transactions, making sure camps and lodges are paid on time and your money is safe. All of your safari funds are held in United States FDIC insured accounts until the date necessary to move funds into Africa. Your deposits and payments in Africa are made on time and through secure accounts. Our practices assist in maintaining relationships of respect with camp and lodge owners and staff. And give you peace of mind.

Break Out the Popcorn

We send you a carefully considered reading list of fiction and nonfiction titles and direct you to outstanding movies and documentaries. Dipping into these resources gives you a strong factual background as you begin your travel and brings 21st century Africa alive through compelling stories and excellent reporting.

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Deeper Africa’s owners offers webinars to help you learn more about conservation issues impacting your travel.

These are offered at regular intervals so it’s easy to get you registered (at no cost) to participate during the run-up to your safari. Each webinar is an informal lecture format with lots of opportunities for you to ask questions.

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Fitness Planning

If your safari includes primate trekking, a thrilling experience, you need to be ready to hike several hours a day. We map out a detailed fitness training program for you to follow in the weeks and months before departure so you’ll be in shape to participate fully and make the most of your safari.

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Pre-departure Briefing

Closer to departure, we send you a detailed day-by-day itinerary. And we schedule an unhurried safari briefing by phone with one of the Deeper Africa owners.  On this call, we go over every detail of your travel plans and review any special needs, making sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. We take time to answer every question on your list and some you hadn’t even thought of before the call.

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Staying Connected

On safari, we’re with you every step of the way, managing logistics to make each day rewarding and every connection seamless.  We stay in touch with the guides and field crews. We are sticklers for detail. So you can lose yourself in the beauty and the wonder that is Africa today. And when you come home, you’re part of the larger Deeper Africa community, getting information about important conservation issues, as well as news, photos and stories about the people and places you enjoyed.

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Our Tour Safe Africa Certification

As a certified Tour Safe Outfitter, we meet all the standards set by the World Travel and Tourism Council, United States Centers for Disease Control, and the United Nations World Travel Organization.

Our guides know how to keep you safe.  They have extensive health and safety training.  They have tested negative for corona virus within 48 hours of your arrival, using the PCR testing method.  They will keep your Land Cruiser sanitized.  Your traveling group with be joined by your safari guide and you will always use one dedicated Land Cruiser.

Enjoy the wilderness.

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