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Your Travel Matters

You come for the wildlife and it will not disappoint.  Observing these iconic animals in some of the most striking landscapes on earth is an experience that stays with you forever.  What makes it even better?   Knowing your participation supports work that protects endangered and threatened species, the habitats where they thrive, and the people that coexist with them.  Our African partners are individuals, communities and organizations whose vision, knowledge and courage inspire us every day.  Respectful, engaged travel is a force for good in Africa and the world.  We’re proud to be involved.  If you’d like to get involved, browse here.

A Deeper Impact

Protect Wildlife and Habitat

Your presence supports programs that protect habitat. Tourism dramatically reduces poaching. When you visit game parks, fees paid on your behalf fund jobs for guides, park rangers and people in park programs. We choose camps and lodges committed to conservation. Their engagement makes them hubs for economic opportunity. We connect you to organizations doing great things that we support and you can, too. Responsible travel is an expression of economic self interest in our shared world community. While exploring wild lands, you become a steward of vital global ecosystems.

Photo by Segera Retreat

Support Education

Education is a precious commodity. It opens up opportunities for jobs and community leadership and raises the standard of living. There are many ways to help, all valuable. Visiting a village school is one experience your family will not forget. You can donate supplies like books or computers. You can even fund construction of a classroom or a house. You can visit one of our sponsored schools and contribute to support this program. After visiting, many of our travelers have been inspired to sponsor the education of an African student, a commitment that changes many lives.

Photo by African Bushcamps

See for Yourself

Thoughtful travel changes the traveler. The more you see, the more you know. The more you know, the more you care. Our guides tell us Deeper Africa travelers arrive well informed and ready to hit the ground running and ready to explore when they step off the plane. Our thoughtful approach to personalized travel preparation gives you the advantage of being fully ready to pour yourself into this new experience. On Day One you’re tuned in and connecting. You’re ready to observe wildlife behavior. You’re ready to meet amazing people and see how they work and live. You’re ready to take off your watch, unplug your at-home concerns and soak up the unfolding adventure.

Photo by Odzala Discovery Camps

Support Grassroots Growth

You can help African people succeed at the microfinance level, or we can introduce you to larger programs serving local entrepreneurs. Each of these opportunities has been carefully vetted to offer you a variety of safe and satisfying ways to provide venture capital on any scale, large or small. This enables you to be part of new business growth and economic development at the grassroots level.

Photo by Sabinyo Silverback Lodge

Help Women Thrive

One by one, village by village, women of rural Africa are questioning deep-seated cultural beliefs. They’re finding good private sector jobs, pursuing careers and launching successful businesses that improve their quality of life and open up new prospects for growing children. Helping women thrive helps the whole family and the whole village. It has immediate impact on economic growth and development in a continent that is experiencing dramatic growth and rapid change. The projects we support are dear to our hearts. We invite you to take a look and get involved.

Photo by Ride 4 Woman

Experience Community

Make no mistake. Africa has vibrant cities noted for nightlife, technology and growth. With burgeoning markets for goods and services. There are also rural areas where the seasons of life are marked by traditional practices and traditions. Some outfitters offer short village stops: Maybe you see a traditional dance and buy crafts. This is not that. Give us a day of your safari and we’ll share an unrushed experience of a different kind of good life than the one you know at home. You come to Africa for the wildlife, but what touches our travelers most is the people of Africa. They have so much to teach us.

Photo by Jamie Steffen Lutz

Support Conservancies

Conservancies are large tracts of protected habitat bordering national parks, owned and operated by communities. You come for a wilderness experience: Imagine 8 or 10 tents and 50,000 acres of iconic wildlife viewing. It’s unforgettable. What’s more, your presence here and your safari dollar support a community economy thriving on responsible conservation. You get to see how this works and you get to know some of the people who are making it happen. If you’re interested in Africa’s conservation success stories, this is for you.

Photo by David Forster

Our Travelers Say

Our trip combined cultural exchange, philanthropy and safari activities in a stream of joy-filled experiences we shall never forget. Each of us gained something valuable and unique from our trip, in particular our teen-aged sons.

Cynthia Anderson, Deeper Africa traveler

Our guides were great spotters so we saw things other groups zipped past and missed. And we learned about the culture, the economy. We met and talked to people we would not have approached on our own.

Helen Woodard, Deeper Africa traveler

A school visit. Lunch at a womens’ cooperative: I felt this was a window into local villagers’ reality and made me feel connected to this foreign place. What a magical experience. Really, it changes you.

Mary Peckham, Deeper Africa traveler

Get Involved

Experience Community