Classic South Africa

Priority: wildlife? Here you go. Every hour of every day is planned to give you a closer look at what you came to see, plus the happy surprise of things you never thought you’d see, which is routine. Because, day by day, your guides unveil the essence of these wilderness spaces. You begin in Cape Town to roam the legendary port with your own guide. From there, it’s all safari: north and south Kruger, more than 7,500 square miles (19,400 sq.kms), a UNESCO reserve that’s home to pretty much every species on your wish list, including packs of endangered wild dogs and 517 species of birds. Each place you stay offers convivial comfort, character and a chance to meet and work with people who care deeply about Africa and Africans.

11 days 10 nights
Safari Land Cruiser, Plane flights
Included Activities
Cape Point and Peninsula day Tour, Guided visit to three premier wineries, Wildlife viewing in Land Cruiser, Guided Walking Safari, Learn Tracking Skills, Night Safari, Meet local community members in nearby Huntington village, visit the preschool, meet the Sangoma (traditional healer), the village Induna (Chief) and enjoy a traditional cooking lesson
Optional Activities
Spa, Sky Bed in the Tinyeleti Treehouse
View Full Details Custom Pricing $7,850 - $8,275 USD per person