Lowland Gorillas

Explore the upper Congo Basin on foot, by 4X4, by boat and by kayak. Lowland gorillas are the star of the show. At first, all you see is foliage from the ground to canopy above. Then the jungle shudders, wood cracks and trees bend. Something massive is crashing your way. A silverback barges into your path and gives you a look. Soon, you are surrounded by western lowland gorillas. While the silverback watches, friends are grooming, and mothers are nursing. Bashful juveniles peek from the foliage while more outgoing youngsters take to the trees for aerial acrobatics. There is more to see from birds to elephants and if you are lucky a wild striped bongo.

8 days 7 nights
Bush Plane
Included Activities
Gorilla Trekking, Tour of Brazzaville, Bird and Forest Walks, Night Forest Walk, Kayak on the Likoli River, Bai Discovery Walk, Boat Cruise
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