A Hidden Gem: Arusha National Park

Crowned Cranes Courting


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 Arusha NP is one of the most accessible and beautiful of the east African parks.  From any direction, you can  sight the park by its majestic namesake Mt. Meru.   At 15,000 feet in elevation, Meru catches water from the monsoon clouds making  forests verdant, grasslands lush  and  lakes that sparkle.   Birds and mammals love this place.

Arusha is  among  the  most overlooked of   African parks. Most visitors pass it by, impatient to get to the Serengeti region. Too bad, it’s a great place to relax after a long flight.  It has  lakes for canoeing, trails for walking, and waterfalls for viewing.  

Arusha National Park has a large variety of mammals with giraffe, elephant, monkeys, baboon, buffalo, waterbuck, hippos and elephants. Dedicated birders have recorded over 450 winged species here and just about everyone is delighted by the flamingos and crowned cranes. 

Available activities include wildlife watching from a 4x4, guided nature walks, and canoeing.

Water Buck

Close to Kilimanjaro International  airport, Arusha is a good fit for either the beginning or the end of a safari.  If you suffer from jet lag, this is a good place to start. The pace is leisurely and there is no better cure for jet lag than canoeing around a lake on a sunny day. There are also many good hotels within a half-hour’s drive from the park, so you can quickly retreat for some much needed sleep.  One of the best is Hatari, where John Wayne

If you’ve been on a safari out in parched savannahs of the dry season, Arusha National Park is a great downwind before you board the plane. The green foliage, abundant water, and cool mountain air is the perfect environment for relaxation and reflection after a big adventure.

We can add a visit to Arusha National Park to any itinerary. Just let us know.