A Resolve: Climb Kilimanjaro this Year

Make the commitment and climb Kilimanjaro. It's good for your resolve.


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Data journalist Kathrina Bucholz says that the top 3 New Year resolutions for 2023 were exercise more, eat healthier, and lose weight. That made sense to me. New Year’s or not, I always struggle with those same resolutions. And of course all three goals are essential to anyone planning to climb Kilimanjaro.

Then for a buzzkill, Forbes Magazine just declared that 80% of us will abandon our resolutions in February—this very month.

I for one will not join the 80% of resolution failures. Because, I am going to climb Kilimanjaro again this year. Once you resolve to climb Kilimanjaro, the Mountain itself will motivate you. There is nothing like a big mountain on your horizon to motivate more exercise and to restrain those ice cream cravings. As to any lingering pounds that might defy our best efforts, expect to burn from 5,000 to 7,000 calories a day when you stroll up Kilimanjaro.

What fitness program will best propel you up to 19,340 feet?  It is any routine that suits you, as long as it combines cardiovascular, endurance, and strength training.

Personally, I find hiking with a weighted daypack and trekking poles to be the best of all training. It is simple, it is doable, and it is the very same activity that gets you to the top. Hike on varied terrain: trails, rocky pathways, muddy pathways, sidewalks, gravel, asphalt, up hills (or stairs) and down hills (or stairs). Fifteen pounds in the pack is enough. Do this for at least two months (three or more is better) at least every other day for at least three miles. Stretch it on weekends to 5 miles or more—the more distance the better. Add intensity intervals: fast until you are almost out of breath, then slow back to normal pace until you catch your breath. Try it—it works!

If you prefer a more structured and varied program, contact us and we will send you our professionally prepared training program and some alpine climbing tips.

Of course, you don’t climb Kilimanjaro just to get fit, you get fit to climb Kilimanjaro because it’s a peak experience. The trek, despite its challenges, always strengthens body, mind, and spirit. The clean air and epic scenery, the crisp nights and blazing starlight, the friends you meet along the way, and overcoming an epic challenge, these are elements of a great and lasting experience.

If this is your year, we have two wonderful climbing groups for you to join. And there is still enough time to get in shape. We have the full moon Independence Day climb starting June 28th and the dark-of-moon starlight climb starting on August 8th. Contact us to get started and take the first step.



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